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About Us

A few years ago during a conversation after church, we were sharing our frustrations as we struggled to get on our feet financially after college. We both expressed a desire for more knowledge, help, and guidance in the post-college transition period. Being Black, first-generation Americans added even more difficulty to building a financial foundation. We didn’t know it back then, but that conversation planted a seed that would grow into something we could have never imagined. 


A few more conversations watered that seed and our vision to address wealth inequalities in the Black community grew and into something bigger: Freshly Minted Personal Finance and Mentorship Program. We chose the name “Freshly Minted” because our program is designed to reach Black professionals who are “fresh” out of college and will soon become “minted” in their careers.

Our mission is founded upon the belief in restorative justice and financial access for the Black community in America.

Our Mission

To help Black, recent college graduates grow their knowledge, capability, and confidence in managing their personal finances.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To see a new generation of financially empowered Black professionals overcome years of systemic, economic injustices and build generational wealth.

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